Nature Reserve

Barberton Nature Reserve 35klm from Barberton

The Nature Reserve is located at the foot of the Hilltop road, with its own unique Sea Dam. It is 15km from Nelspruit and 30km from Barberton Town on the R38. (GPS: 25°36'31.38"S-30°58'44.12"E). The reserve has the most splendid landscape, “The meeting of the Hills”. The Noord Kaap River runs through the middle of the Reserve in a wide valley with a steep escarpment on the northern side and lower hills on the southern side of the valley. In the past the lower lying areas along the Noord Kaap River have been prospected for Gold. The area was also grazed by livestock. Phone: +27 (13) 7595378 Fax: +27 (13) 7191006
The Barberton Nature Reserve covers an area of 2500HA. The reserve is situated in an area of great landscape beauty and very high species diversity. These factors contribute to its conservation importance.
The reserve hosts various interesting animal species including Kudu, Mountain reedbuck, Nyala, Klipspringer, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest. Impala, Grey Duiker, rare Red Duiker and many more. Bird Watchers paradise.
It’s a day visitor facility, which offers a picnic site with built in barbecue stands and a beautiful stream on site. Visit the secretive Barberton Sea Dam and wiggle your toes in the sea-like sand. An ideal place to bring your children to play on the jungle gym.
The Barberton Mountains are extremely rich in Plant species, more so than any other area of the province. Some of the species are solely restricted to this area such as the Protea Curvata.
The vegetation belongs to the Sour Lowveld Bushveld of the Savanna Biome. This is mostly an open to closed tree savannah, with dense riverine fringes along drainage lines and open grassy areas on the northern ridge. The grass constituent is generally tall, tufted and relatively dense.

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