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liberation _struggle_in_Barberton_1980

Liberation Struggle 1980 in Barberton

The beginning of the struggle against oppression in Mjindini can be traced to the decade after the South African Native National Congress (SANNC), today known as the African National Congress (ANC), was established in 1912.

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Previous Exhibition and Heritage Day Celebrations


Names of Prisoners incarcerated:

Amina Desai, Ann Nicholson, Dorothy Nyembe,
Dulcie September, Elizabet Van der Heyde, Esther Barsel,
Florence Duncan, Jean Middleton, Molly Anderson,
Sheila Weinberg, Stephanie Kemp, Sylvia Neame,
Violet Weinberg, Susan Jobson, Helen Hendricks,
Dorothy Dlamini, Dorothy Kubeka.

Launch of  New Exhibition September 2014 - Female Activist Prisoners in Barberton in the Sixties





Heritage Day Celebrations at the Museum on the 2015-09-22

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